PRESUMPTIONS -See sections 145 -168 EA

Note that presumptions displace the burden of proof and places it on the person against whom the presumption is made, if the presumption is rebuttable.

There are presumptions of law and facts. Any of these could be mandatory, meaning that the court has no discretion but to presume. s. 145 (1)(3). Others are discretionary. s. 145 (1)


Note the following presumtions

a. Presumption of legitimacy- s. 165 EA.

b. Presumption of Marriage - s. 166 EA.

c. Presumption as to power of attorney- s. 150 EA.

d. Presumptions as to documents 20 years and above- ss. 155 & 162 EA.

e. Presumption of death from 7 years absence- s. 164 EA. 

f. Presumption of stealing- s. 167(a).

g. Presumption of longevity- . 167(b).

h. presumption of regularity. s. 167 (c)

i. Presumption as to unfavourablity of documents not tendered. s. 167 (d) EA.

j. Presumption as to documents in the hands of the obligor - s. 167 (e).

k. Presumtion of regularity of acts of judicial and public officers, titlec deeds and minutes of company meeting. s. 168 EA.

l. A child below 7 years cannot be criminally responsible. s.  Criminal Code

m. A boy of 11 years and below cannot have carnal knowledge

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