Under this, it may be interests that must be compulsorily or voluntarily registered 

The interests that must be registered are: 

a. Estate in fee simple (assignments of land) 
b. Leases from 40 years and above for consideration or part consideration 
c. Assignment from 40 years and above  S. 5 of the RTL 

Those permitted or voluntary registration include the following: 

a. Leases for more than 5 years
b. Certificate of Occupancy, Power of Attorney, Mortgages, Charges etc

NB: a conveyance by way of gift is not required to be registered as there is no consideration paid. S.6&7 RTL.


2. OVERRIDING INTERESTS - s52 RTL; National Provincial Bank V. Hastings

➢ Overriding interests are third party interests that are subsisting in respect of the property, 
➢ such interest need not be registered in the register 
➢ such interests bind any purchaser of the property
➢ it is of no consequence whether or not the purchaser had notice of the interests.
➢ Thus persons dealing with registered land must also obtain information outside the Register 
➢ Once registered, such interests cease to be overriding interests.


S.52 RTL  lists items which are overriding interests to include 

1. Easements 
2. Rights, privileges or appurtenances appertaining to any other land.  
3. Rights of entry, search, users and other rights required for the enjoyment of rights to mines, minerals and mineral oils. 
4. Any permit to survey or oil pipeline licence
5. Leases or agreements for leases for a TERM LESS THAN 5 YEARS where there is actual occupation.
6. Any public highways 
7. Any tax or rate declared by law to be a charge on land or house 
8. Rights acquired or in process of being acquired under the limitation law 
9. The rights of every person in possession or actual occupation of the land. 

NB: the list is exhaustive as there are no other interests apart from those mentioned in the section.


3. MINOR INTERESTS – ss. 43-47 RTL

➢ These are interests that do not amount toestates in land but can be protected in the register as their presence constitute notice of their existence
➢ E.g. of such interests: equitable charge by mere deposit of title, contract for purchase of land, option to purchase reversion of a lease, unpaid seller’s lien, purchaser’s lien for his deposit, restrictive covenants in a lease, beneficiary’s right under a trust.
➢ A registered purchaser is not affected by notice of any of the above except such minor interest is registered.


The minor interests may be registered under any of the following heads

a. Caution  ss.43 & 44 RTL
➢ Can be entered against first or subsequent registration.
➢ may be registered without deposit of land certificate and consent of the proprietor.



➢ Gives the cautioner an opportunity of being notified upon any proposed dealing with respect to the property.
➢ Cautioner has 14 days to object to proposed dealing; failure – caution may be cancelled.
➢ Does not vest any title on cautioner.
b. Restriction  s.45 RTL
➢ Registers any impediment to proprietor’s freedom of disposal of the land.
➢ Can only be entered with concurrence of proprietor.

c.    Notice – 

➢ entered to protect any number of lesser interests that are valid and effective independent of the register
➢ WEAKNESS: requires the consent of the owner.


      d. Inhibition 




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