This is a Committee of the Body of Benchers established by Section 11 of the Legal Practitioners Act as amended by Decree No. 21 of 1994.

         It considers and determines allegations of misbehaviour by persons whose names are on the Roll in their capacity as legal practitioners. 
Appeals from their decisions lie to the Supreme Court.  Section 9 of Decree 21 of 1994.
         The Committee’s composition as prescribed by Section 10(2) of the LPA has since been altered by Section 9 of Decree 21 of 1994.  The new composition is as follows:

1.   A Chairman who shall not be either the CJN or a Justice of the Supreme Court.
2.   Two Justices of the Court of Appeal, one of whom shall be the President of the Court of Appeal.
3.   Two Chief Judges.
4.   Two Attorneys-General who shall be either the Attorney General of the Federation and an Attorney General of a State or two State Attorney General and

5.   Four Members of NBA unconnected with either the investigation of a complaint or the decision by NBA to present a complaint against a legal practitioner for determination by the disciplinary Committee.

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