NBA Section on Business Law Partners with BeyHealth on health conference

Nigerian Bar Association Section on Business Law says it is partnering BeyHealth Consulting to organise the 2018 Healthcare Management Conference, themed, ‘Medicine, Accountability and Law.’

The NBA in a statement on Sunday said the conference would, amongst other things, identify gaps in existing laws, policy and professional regulation standards and examine the role and regulatory function of stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

It said the gathering would also deliberate on the implications of a “medico-legal” framework for maintaining professional performance standards and ultimately propose a framework to support consumer protection, enhanced patient safety standards and service quality excellence on behalf of the general public.

The statement quoted the Chief Executive Officer of BeyHealth, Adetokunbo Shitta-Bey, and Chairman, Nigerian Bar Association Section on Business Law, Olumide Akpata, as saying that the topics for discussion in the conference would include medical law and ethics, negligence and duty of care, good medical practice, indemnity and accreditation, medical malpractice and consumer protection, provisions of the New National Health Bill and healthcare sector regulation.

It noted that health-related socioeconomic challenges faced by African populations had often been complicated by a “recognisable pattern” of weakened accountability, inequalities and chronic underfunding of health and social care systems and absence of coherent administrative systems necessary for excellent service delivery.

Thus, the need for the conference, which it said had been accredited by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and Nigerian Bar Association for the Continued Professional Development of doctors and lawyers.

Akpata said, “Participants will examine the gatekeeper responsibility of the individual medical practitioner and explore regulatory levers necessary to maintain accountability, professional performance standards and consumer protection throughout the healthcare delivery sector.”

Source - Punch Newspaper


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